Perfect Couples

My name is Chris. Yes, I'm a guy.
It took me a while to actually start this blog, I was scared. I see all the amazing, cute, couples blogs on Tumblr, and all of them both inspired me, and made me sad. It kinda sucks seeing all the couples, friends, or whatever they may be. but all of them, every single picture I have seen. They are all happy, smiling, and seem as if they have absolutely no worries. I want that.
I decided to make this blog because i see all these other blogs and yes, they're cute, but most of them only focus on one thing. I'm sure you know what that is.
I wanna focus on Happiness. Two people... having fun, enjoying each others company, being themselves, laughing, smiling, hugging, kissing, and living their lives together. Thats what I want.
P.S. from time to time you may see or hear me whining or complaning about me wanting what all the people in these photos have. if i do. I'm sorry

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What is your opinion on gay marriage?

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What are your thoughts on gay marriage?

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La vie d’Adèle (Blue Is the Warmest Color)

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